At PEARSON BUTLER, our attorneys are among the best in the nation, coming from diverse backgrounds, experience, and schooling.  Our legal team is has experience in Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Consumer and Business Bankruptcy, Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Family Law matters.

We have sworn an oath to uphold the laws of the state of Utah and the United States and to protect the rights of their clients.  Our attorneys are individuals trained and licensed to help people with their legal challenges, by representing their clients in court and preparing legal documents.  

How do attorneys become licensed in Utah?

For law school students and attorneys in other states to become licensed to practice law in Utah, they must prove by clear and convincing evidence the following:

(a) Have filed an application and paid fees in accordance with Rule 14-707;

(b) Be at least twenty-one years old;

(c) Have graduated with a first professional degree in law from an Approved Law School;

(d) Be of good moral character and have satisfied the requirements of Rule 17-708;

(e) Have successfully passed the Student Bar Examination as prescribed in Rule 14-710;

(f) Have successfully passed the MPRE;

(g) Have complied with the provisions of Rule 14-716 concerning licensing and enrollment fees;

What organization regulates Utah attorneys?

The Utah State Bar is composed of 10,000 judges and lawyers.  The Utah State Bar started out in the 1900’s as an association of several Utah lawyers who desired to find ways to serve the general public and foster communication among the legal community.  In 1931, the Utah Legislature passed a statute designating the Utah State Bar to manage and regulate the legal profession through licensing all persons practicing law.  In 1985, the Utah State Constitution was amended to clarify that the Judicial Branch regulates the legal profession.

Can only Utah attorneys give “legal advice” regarding Utah Law?

 Attorneys give legal advice based on years of training and, at times, hours of legal research to ensure that all laws affecting their clients’ problems are being considered.  Utah attorneys have taken the Utah bar exam have had to study law unique to Utah.  

Do I have to hire a Utah lawyer for my legal problem? 

It depends.  The Utah State Bar and Utah Legislature have attempted to provide many legal resources to individuals.  The Utah State Bar also has a an attorney referral program to help the public decide their best direction. However, many Utah attorneys offer free initial consultations to help prospective clients make informed decisions.

When should I meet with a Utah Lawyer?

It is always better to consult with a Utah lawyer before you are in the midst of legal problems.   There is a saying, “hope for the best, plan for the worst”.   Before you sign a contract with financial consequences, start up a business, collect on a debt, file for bankruptcy, consider changes to your family through adoption or divorce, or other matters, you may be prudent to meet with one of the many Utah attorneys.

Why use one of the Utah attorneys PEARSON BUTLER Law?

At PEARSON BUTLER, our team of legal professionals practice in a variety of legal areas:

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