What is a Business Wind Down?

Sometimes businesses encounter problems too large to overcome, which leaves the business owners feeling like the have run out of options.  At these times, a business owner should find ways to maximize the business assets while mitigating financial obligations and issues.

Why Use a Business Bankruptcy Attorney to Assist in a Wind Down?

At Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, our business bankruptcy attorneys are experienced with restructuring debt of financially distressed companies for executive management, creditors, and investors.  Since every business situation is different, we offer a variety of solutions for businesses.  Debt restructuring may include the following options:

Many businesses struggle with vetting out the pros and cons to each debt-restructuring approach.

We Oversee the Debt Restructuring

Financially distressed businesses need two types of professional services to prepare and complete a successful restructuring:

  1. Debt relief attorneys knowledgeable of Utah bankruptcy law laws and their intricacies, including Utah Chapter 11 bankruptcy law, and
  2. Experienced wind down and debt restructuring professionals who can implement the restructuring engagement.

In a restructuring scenario, Pearson, Butler & Carson gets retained as legal counsel to wind down and restructure for the management, shareholders, creditors, and board.  We give advice, provide options, and execute accordingly.

How Our Legal Team Works

At Pearson, Butler & Carson, our legal and work out team has business experience.  We assist the business through the wind down or restructuring process.  We do this by evaluating options, determining the best restructuring solution, identifying company assets, engaging in debt settlement negotiations with secured and unsecured creditors, and make distributions when available to creditors and shareholders. We can also assist you in the event a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is advisable.

Why Use Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC?

  1. We are experienced with business workouts and wind downs
  2. We will work on the matter until the matter is finished
  3. We have a great team of attorneys and consultants
  4. We may be able to help you sell your assets

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