Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Utah Lawyers Help to Reorganize Business Debt

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Utah Lawyers

Utah businesses and certain individuals can hire Chapter 11 bankruptcy Utah lawyers to reorganize their business debts.  In addition, an individual with income exceeding the Utah median household income may file Chapter 11 if that individual’s debt limits exceed the amount allowed under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Utah.

By filing a Utah Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a Utah business may continue to operate without the debt burden from prior debt obligations.  A Utah Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the business management to continue running the business while allowing the business bankruptcy lawyer and business owner to develop a plan that restructures business debt and frees the business of business contracts and leases that are no longer feasible economically.  We also provide commercial mortgage workout assistance.

Although there are not many Utah chapter 11 bankruptcy  attorneys, the attorneys at Pearson, Butler, & Carson, PLLC enjoy the challenge of representing Utah businesses and individuals who need to reorganize debt to alleviate the financial hardship caused by business and personal debt.

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Feel free to call one of the Pearson, Butler & Carson Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Utah lawyers to help you reorganize your business at (801) 495-4104.

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