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Our Salt Lake City child custody lawyer team understands that the court must determine what is the best interests of your child or children when making child custody decisions and rulings.  Although child custody decisions are legally complex, the primary consideration is which parent can best provide the health, welfare, and safety needs of your children while also looking at the child and parent contacts, which parent will facilitate open and continuing contacts for the children and other parent, and history of custodial responsibilities.

Many courts may also look at expert testimony from mental health professionals when making rulings and decisions in complicated and contentious visitation and custody cases.  The courts may also consider child custody investigations through mediation services.  The court may appoint an attorney to specifically represent a child where the minor children prefer a custodial parent or where the parties’ wants and desires conflict with the child’s best interests.

In Utah, the courts may refuse to hear contested visitation and custody issues unless mediation services have first been attempted.  Mediation services promote resolution to custody and visitation issues without judicial and attorney interference.

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