Utah Guardianship Attorney

Are you looking to set up a guardianship to protect a loved one or family member? The law office of Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, can assist you.  With various office locations in Utah, our family law attorneys have helped many people who have desired to meet with a Utah guardianship attorney.

A Utah Guardianship Attorney can help you set up a legal guardian to have the legal authority to care for personal and property interests of another person.  This is needed if the ward cannot care for his or her interest becuase of infancy, disability, or incapacity.  Utah statutes provide that a minor child’s guardian is the parents.  A Utah Guardianship Attorney can help you designate who would become your child’s legal guardian if you happened to die.

Utah Courts may appoint a guardian in the event the individual needs special protection.  Our law office is committed to providing high standards of legal services throughout Utah, including South Jordan, Layton, and the Salt Lake City area.  At Pearson, Butler & Carson, we provide comprehensive legal representation, including estate planning and family law matters.  We provide a warm office environment that help clients feel welcome and comfortable with discussing their legal matters.

Contact a Utah Guardianship Attorney

If you are interested in talking with a lawyer in Utah to discuss your guardianship matter, call the law office of Pearson, Butler & Carson at (801) 495-4104.  Our Utah family lawyer and Utah estate planning lawyer team are happy to give you a free consultation.