Utah Divorce Mediation Attorneys Use Mediation to Resolve Boy and Girl Running in Tall GrassDivorces

Utah divorce mediation allows you to resolve your divorce without turning over important decisions to the court.  This voluntary settlement process gives you more control over the divorce outcomes while saving you money in divorce attorney fees.

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Mediation provides a process in which our clients may resolve issues and come to their own agreements rather than spend significant time and money going to trial.  Since divorce is such an emotional process, many of our clients find relief knowing that they can control some or many of the decisions required to be considered in a divorce setting.

Various family law issues may be resolved in a Utah divorce mediation:

Utah Divorce Mediation Versus Utah Divorce Litigation

When the parties use a Utah family lawyer to assist with divorce mediation, the parties can choose how to restructure their family and divide their marital assets rather than rely on the court to decide these issues.  This can make the process less painful, less stressful, and less costly.  In contrast, Utah divorce lawyer litigation creates a winner-takes-all mentality.  Valuable resources are consumed during the divorce litigation process while both parties are experiencing a reduction in household income and increased individual expenses.  A long, drawn out Utah divorce litigation matter has short-term and long-term consequences, especially when children are added to the equation.

Although mediation can save time, money, and emotional energy, the process requires cooperation from both parties.  If either side is unwilling to bend and negotiate, the process may turn into litigation.  In that scenario, our Utah divorce attorney team can represent you and strive to protect your best interests and those of your children.

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