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Layton bankruptcy attorneys report on Utah bankruptcy filing statistics

The Layton bankruptcy attorneys at PEARSON BUTLER report that Utah bankruptcy filings for January 2013 continue a downward trend.

Last year, our Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys provided monthly updates on bankruptcy filings in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah.  Then 12-month trend continues into YR 2013.   Utah bankruptcy filings are down.

Across the State of Utah, January reports reveal that 560 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Utah filings, 400 Chapter 13 bankruptcy Utah filings, and 4 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings occurred, totaling 964.  In contrast, in January of 2012, the total number bankruptcies in the state of Utah were 1,103, according to bankruptcy attorney Layton.

See “Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney” and  “Clearfield Utah Bankruptcy Attorney“.

Our Layton bankruptcy attorneys are frequently asked why the bankruptcy filings are down.  There are several factors, including that many homeowners are not being threatened by foreclosure immediately, more people have been able to find work, and some people believe that the economy may be turning around.  With this trend will continue remains to be seen.

If you or a loved one is considering talking to a lawyer in Utah, contact one of Layton bankruptcy attorneys at PEARSON BUTLER for a free consultation.  Contact our Layton, Utah office at (801) 495-4104.

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