Utah Contract Law and Litigation Attorneys

A contract dispute can pose serious issues for businesses and individuals.  If a business contract disputes is wasting business time and financial resources or a real estate purchase contract disputes is delaying the sale of a property, using an experienced contract attorney in Utah can help resolve the issue.

At Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, our Utah contract law attorneys have protected the legal rights of businesses and individuals for many years.

Drafting, Negotiating, and Enforcing Your Utah Contracts Provides Stability

Your business and personal contracts are set in place to provide stability in an uncertain future.  At Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, our Utah contract law lawyers help with drafting, negotiating, and enforcing contracts for businesses and individuals to help provide stability in your efforts to plan for the future.

Unfortunately, contract disputes occur.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants in contract dispute matters:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Tortious interference with contractual relations
  • Shareholder disputes

If you are planning to enter into a new contract for your business or personal life, PEARSON, BUTLER & CARSON, PLLC, can assist you.  Our Salt Lake City Utah breach of contract attorneys offer free consultations.  Feel free to call us at (801) 495-4104 or contact us online today.