Bountiful Attorney Office of PEARSON BUTLER Law

Bountiful AttorneyPEARSON BUTLER Law provides legal services at 190 W 100 South #B in Bountiful.  The Bountiful attorney office provides legal services to residents of Bountiful, Utah, and to the surrounding communities in Davis County.  The Bountiful attorney team of PEARSON BUTLER is comprised of several Utah lawyer practitioners with over 90 years combined experience.

Bountiful Attorney Practice Areas

  • Bankruptcy: a Bountiful bankruptcy attorney can help individuals and families get out of debt.  At PEARSON BUTLER Law, our attorney team has significant experience helping Utah residents file for personal bankruptcy.  Utah lawyers Russell Evans, Jeff Butler and Len Carson have several years of combined bankruptcy experience and have filed 1,000s of bankruptcy cases.  Although they have significant experience, the Utah bankruptcy attorney team at PEARSON BUTLER Law offers free initial bankruptcy consultations for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 candidates.
    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows individuals and families get a financial fresh start.  Sometimes referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy, often times debtors filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 are able to keep their cars, homes, and other personal items.  A Bountiful bankruptcy lawyer at PEARSON BUTLER Law can explain the process and help you decide if this option is in your best interest.
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows individuals and families to payback creditors on terms that are more affordable over a 3 to 5 year period.  This option can be very helpful when individuals fall behind on mortgage or auto payments, are facing garnishments, are would like to restructure their debt.
  • Divorce: a Bountiful divorce attorney can assist individuals during the unfortunate times when  good marriages turn bad.  Utah divorce lawyer Ryan Gregerson can explain the legal ramifications of divorce, including how child and spousal support work, how custody matters are weighed, and how to move forward during a difficult time.
  • Estate Planning: a Bountiful estate planning attorney can help individuals and families plan for the future physical and financial needs of loved ones.  Utah lawyers Elliot Pearson, Ethan Hansen, and Carson Pearson  have several years combined experience setting up over 1,000 estate plans. An experienced Utah estate planning lawyer can provide peace of mind while guiding individuals and families on legal strategies to protect and distribute assets.  See “Utah Special Needs Trust“.
    • Wills
    • Trusts
  • Criminal Defense: a Bountiful criminal defense attorney can assist individuals who have been charged with crimes.  Utah lawyer Kevin Kemp can explain your legal rights and help you protect those rights.
  • Personal Injury: a Bountiful personal injury lawyer can assist individuals and families who are suffering as the result of car accidents.  If you have been injured in an accident, a Utah personal injury lawyer can help you know what rights to which you may be entitled.  Utah attorneys Matthew Kober and Christian Burridge have assisted numerous clients in receiving compensation as the result of being injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault.
  • Business Law: a Bountiful business attorney can assist businesses and individuals seeking legal advice related to their business needs.  Utah lawyers Elliot Smith, Ethan Hansen, Bion Wimmer, and Carson Pearson provide legal guidance to businesses, from initial business inception and start up to business wind down.  A Utah business attorney can help you find ways to increase revenues while mitigating liabilities.

Contact a Bountiful Attorney Today

Feel free to contact a Bountiful lawyer for a free initial consultation at (801) 285-9220.  You can receive a free initial consultation with a Bountiful lawyer at our address, 190 W 100 South #B, Bountiful, UT 84010.  Whether you are looking for issues related to bankruptcy, business, criminal, divorce, estate planning, or personal injury, our Bountiful lawyer team is here to help.  The law offices of Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC are conveniently located in Bountiful, Utah and South Jordan, Utah.