What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a trust you create while you are alive and allows the trustee to hold legal title title of property for a beneficiary.  A living trust is sometimes referred to an “inter vivos” trust.  A Utah Living Trust Lawyer can help you set up a trust where you can serve as trustee of your own property to maintain control of the property your property that you have placed inside of the living trust.

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What are the Advantages of a Living Trust?

If you were to meet with one of our Salt Lake City Living Trust Attorney members, he would explain that you should make a living trust is so that your trust property can avoid probate.  Otherwise, your property will go through probate court where much time and money is spent as the court supervises the distribution of your property and the payment of your creditors.  Not everyone needs a living trust, however, and other people may benefit more from a Utah special needs trust.  As such, it would be prudent to speak with a living trust lawyer in Utah.

Contact a Utah Living Trust lawyer

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