What is the “Depository Trust Company”?

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The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is one of the largest securities depositories in the world.  The DTC was founded in New York City in 1973.  It is organized  as a limited purpose trust company that provides safekeeping of securities balances.  The DTC also acts as a clearing house to settle and process trades in municipal and corporate securities.

Assistance with DTC Eligibility

DTC eligibility is a significant issue facing OTC issuers.  Because of the size of the Depository Trust Company, having DTC eligibility means your securities can be deposited through the DTC. Many OTC issuers have faced a “DTC chill,” meaning that their stock does not clear or trade electronically.  Having a DTC chill on your stock essentially means that your stock cannot be traded. At PEARSON BUTLER Law, we have attorneys experienced in helping clients become DTC eligible and get back in compliance with DTC eligibility requirements in the event of a DTC chill.

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