WE UNDERSTAND that individuals and companies confronting IRS tax issues can face serious financial repercussions.  If you are facing any tax controversy, including an alleged tax deficiency, audit, or criminal accusation requires immediate action from an experienced legal team.  At Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, our tax attorneys have helped taxpayers who have relied on our legal team to resolve complex tax issues.  We approach each case with the a strategy to achieve swift and effective tax controversy resolution.  We also analyze our law clients tax needs and counsel them as to the best ways to mitigate and avoid future legal issues and tax liability.

Attorney Assistance Services to Protect Your Immediate and Long-Term Tax Needs:

We offer a full range of tax services, including:

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We encourage you to call now and arrange for a free initial consolation to assess what tax options are available for you.  Got IRS debt?  Get Help Fast. Speak with an Attorney!  (801) 495-4104.  

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