Utah Child Support Lawyers Share Six Ways to Collect Child Support

Utah Child Support Lawyers Emphasize Support

Utah child support lawyers remind parents their need to provide emotional and financial support for their children.  Across the country, divorce lawyers rely on statutory formulas to calculate child support obligations.  The divorce process in Utah can be complicated.  All too often, though, a parent fails to pay child support in Utah.  The following guidelines below can help a parent enforce child support obligations against a non-paying parent:

  1. Child Support Recovery Act:  the Child Support Recovery Act criminalizes a parent who is financially obligated to pay child support but owes over $5,000 or is over 1 year behind in child support payments.
  2. Criminal Contempt: a parent who is required by law to pay child support but willfully refuses to to do so can be sentenced for criminal contempt.
  3. Civil Contempt: a parent who is required by the court to pay child support and can pay it but refuses to do so can be forced to pay up or get incarcerated.
  4. Tax Refund: the State of Utah can garnish tax refund proceeds of the person who is obligated to pay child support and owes $500 or more in back child support.
  5. Wage Garnishment:  an employer can be forced to garnish wages from the person who is obligated to pay child support.
  6. State Licenses: renewal of professional licenses and drivers’ licenses can be contingent upon the person who is obligated to pay child support.

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If you or a loved needs help enforcing a child support obligation, the Utah child support lawyers at Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, are here to help.  We can look at your case and determine which of these 6 approaches may be the most effective way to collect child support.  Feel free to call our child support enforcement and divorce attorneys at (801) 495-4104.

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