Utah Lawyers at Pearson, Butler & Carson Offer Full-Service Legal Help

Utah Lawyers Offer Full-Service Legal Help

When the law office of Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, was formed, the intention was to create a full-service law firm for Utah small business owners and consumers.  Founders Carson Pearson and Jeff Butler saw that many Salt Lake City Attorney offices were offering a few legal services and would be placed in a predicament when their clients needed attorney services outside of their practice areas.  This model appeared inefficient and ineffective.

For instance, clients looking at divorce options would be facing a lower household income making it difficult to continue payments on unsecured creditors, auto loans, and large mortgages.  The divorce attorneys would spend hours and bill those hours to a client trying to decide which spouse was responsible for different debts.  Often times, however, one of the spouses would choose to keep their primary residence and be required to refinance the house within a certain period of time, such as within a 2-year period.  Unfortunately, the housing market declined and the spouse found it impossible to refinance the residential mortgage.  Thus both spouses continued to be tied financially to the property.  Furthermore, the clients often would have children and questions would arise regarding their estate plan now that they were divorcing.  That is, their current estate plan indicated their soon-to-be divorced spouse was still listed as beneficiary in the event the other spouse died. The Utah lawyers would be required to refer their clients out to other attorneys outside their office.  This would prove to be very expensive and inefficient  since the new Utah lawyers had to be educated on the matter and try to provide legal options in coordination with another attorney outside of their law offices.

To address these  and several other issues, the Salt Lake City attorney team at Pearson, Butler & Carson reached out to other Utah lawyers experienced in specific practice areas and brought them into the office. The result was the creation of a full-service law firm.

Legal Services Offered by Pearson, Butler & Carson

    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Utah | Bankruptcy Utah
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Utah Lawyer | Utah Bankruptcy

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