Utah Wrongful Death Lawyer

Everyone struggles to make sense of the events leading to a loved one’s death, especially if it was a wrongful death: the result of someone else’s neglect, malpractice, inaction, or recklessness.

Should you ever lose a loved one this way, the people responsible for your loss can be held accountable. The law maintains that the surviving relatives of any person killed this way may file a civil lawsuit and claim fair damages.

However, the statutes and limitations differ depending on the facts of each case. Before making any rash decisions, your first move should be to consult a Utah wrongful death lawyer.

Filing a Utah Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Here at Pearson, Butler & Carson we recognize that the grieving process is difficult and so we strive to help survivors of the victims of wrongful death by making this legal process as painless as possible.

Many wrongful death cases usually involve faulty products from large companies or the negligent practices of ambivalent service providers. These parties can make you afraid to claim damages for a wrongful death case.  But the kind of wrongful death lawyer in Utah you get from us isn’t afraid to make every effort to protect your rights and to make any responsible party accountable for their wrongful actions.

In order to file a wrongful death suit, enough evidence must show the actions of the responsible party as the proximate cause of the fatality. The actions or inaction of the accused should be proven to have caused the series of events that led to the victim’s death.  This can be determined through thorough investigation and inquiry.

Contact a Utah Wrongful Death Attorney

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