What is the Utah Divorce Mediation Requirement?

What is the Utah Divorce Mediation Requirement?

Our family law clients sometimes ask why Utah divorce mediation is mandated by the Utah State Courts.  The reason is simple: mediation provides the best opportunity for parties in a family-related matter to work together in achieving a resolution agreeable to both parties.  Mediation allows parties to share information necessary to resolve disputes and implement parenting agreements.

When Does Utah Divorce Mediation Requirement Apply?

In the divorce process, the parties are Petitioner and Respondent.  After the Petitioner files the divorce petition, the Respondent must answer the divorce petition.  Items not agreed to in the divorce petition are sent to mediation.

See “When is Utah Divorce Mediation Mandatory?”  Also see “Divorce Process in Utah“.

What Benefits Do the Utah Divorce Mediation Requirement Provide?

Mediation provides a venue to discuss parenting conflicts and divorce issues notwithstanding this tender emotional time.  The purpose of mediation is to provide an atmosphere where parties can collaborate and agree on common interests, including the children’s current and future needs.  See Utah Courts Mediation Programs.

  1. Mediation lets you get actively involved in finding resolution to issues in dispute.
  2. Mediation helps you find quicker resolutions to your case.
  3. Mediation costs less money.
  4. Mediation provides a collaborative effort between you and your former spouse which improves your relationship.
  5. Mediation has a more relaxed atmosphere than the court room.

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